ihmrs, International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show, November 8-11, 2014 Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

10:30 AM to 11:30 AM  Keynote Session: Joint BDNY/IHMRS CEO Panel


  • Jeff Higley, vice president, digital media & communications/editorial director, STR/STR Global/Hotel News Now


11:45AM to 12:25PM   Keynote: BRAND USA

1:00 PM to 2:15 PM: Concurrent Sessions

1.            Consumer Innovation Forum


  • Cindy Estis Green, CEO & co-founder, Kalibri Labs


  • Thomas P. Botts, executive vice president, chief customer officer, Denihan Hospitality Group
  • Maryam Khan-Cope, vice president, government affairs, American Hotel &Lodging Association


The AH&LA Consumer Innovation Forum is a group of executives from brands, owners and management companies that have come together to work on research and education related to distribution and the digital marketplace. This session will review the group's primary areas of work including exploring and documenting consumer deception in support of legislative and policy initiatives to limit confusion in the marketplace, helping hotels understand the many new business models offered by new digital entrants and updating the original Distribution Channel Analysis study originally published in 2012.

Developed by AH&LA’s Consumer Innovation Forum


2.            Targeted Recruitment in the Hospitality + Food Services Industry: A Strategic Profession or an Accidental Occupation?

•             Gray Shealy, executive director, Masters of Hospitality Management Program, School of Continuing Studies, Georgetown University


•             Wolfgang Lindlbauer, chief discipline leader, global operations, Marriott International and member, Georgetown University Advisory Board

•             Mia Mulrennan, Psy.D., president & CEO, Rave-Worthy, LLC


It is well known that many people ‘fall’ into the hospitality industry while doing side jobs on their path to another career, and end up staying. In Europe, however, hospitality has long been considered a ‘profession’ that requires formal training and planning. This panel will address the discrepancies of the global hospitality professional, and critically assess the need for a targeted recruitment strategy for tourism-related professionals of the future. Topics include the value of a hospitality education, trending hiring qualifications, corporate culture, and external recruitment marketing for the industry as a whole.

Developed by AH&LA’s Food & Beverage Committee


3.            Local Extreme Wage Initiatives: Challenges & Strategies


•             Brian Crawford, vice president, government & political affairs, American Hotel & Lodging Association


•             Doug Dreher, president & CEO, The Hotel Group

•             Jason Cabel Roe, managing partner, Revolvis

•             Dale Venturini, president & CEO, Rhode Island Hospitality Association


An in-depth discussion with industry leaders on the front-lines battling local extreme wage initiatives across the country.  Despite being bad for business and bad for the very workers they claim to protect, extreme wage initiatives are rapidly spreading across the nation and will undoubtedly come to a city near you.  AH&LA and our members are actively engaged representing our industry and interests in these fights, and to tell the positive story of upward mobility and career opportunities in the lodging industry.

Developed by AH&LA’s Government Affairs


4.            Hotel Energy Management All Stars


  • Glenn Hasek, publisher & editor, Green Lodging News


  • Samuel Huertas, owner, Biohotel Organic Suites
  • Rishi A. Shah, CHA, managing member, R Cubed Advisory, LLC
  • Charles A. Smith, CEO, Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc. (HHSI)


Join this award-winning panel of experts as they share success stories and tips on implementing effective and sustainable energy-management hotel systems, including heating and cooling, lighting, laundry, and energy management systems, and much more.

Developed by Green Lodging News


3:00 PM to 4:15 PM: Concurrent Sessions

1.            Tweet, Post, and Get Linked(In): Leveraging Social Media for Your Property


  • Sean Downey, editor, Lodging Magazine


•             Stacey Ellis, senior director, communications, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

•             Benji Greenberg, CEO & co-founder, BCV


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms are changing the way we interact – and the way we do business.  As a hotelier, are you using social media in the most effective way to drive business and increase your visibility?  Learn the latest creative strategies and tactics used by industry PR professionals to promote brands and individual hotels.  Whether it’s launching a special event, driving rates, managing crises, or promoting your F&B outlets, learn how using social media can drive your visibility and drive more guests to your lobby.

Developed by AH&LA’s Communications Committee


2.            Content Marketing: Greet Your Guests and Boost Your Bookings


  • Francis Skipper, executive vice president, digital marketing, 451 Marketing


Key Takeaways:

  • An overview of content marketing
  • Why content marketing is important to enhance search results
  • How content can strengthen engagement with your guests (and potential guests)


3.            Do the Math and Interpret the STAR Report


•             Steve Hood, senior vice president of research, and founding director, SHARE Center, STR


Through a joint effort, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and Smith Travel Research (STR) have developed the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA).  Geared to revenue managers, general managers, corporate staff, and research professionals, the train-the-trainer session will detail the various types of hotel industry data and how to make strategic inferences based upon that analysis using the CHIA.  The CHIA is not US-centric; and it’s beneficial to a global market.  The CHIA is based upon four core content areas: Hotel Industry Analytical Foundations, Hotel Math Fundamentals – the metrics used by the hotel industry, Property Level Benchmarking (STAR Reports), and Hotel Industry Performance Reports (Trends, P&L, Pipeline and Destination Reports).

Developed by AHLEI & STR


4.            Gone Platinum! A First-Time Ever Gathering of Leaders of Three LEED Platinum Hotels


  • Dina Belon, Director, Hospitality, Mindclick Global


  • Dennis W. Quaintance, CEO & chief design officer, Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants & Hotels
  • Lynee Sauer, business manager, Woodbine Group
  • Jim Treadway, general manager, Bardessono


Only four lodging establishments in the United States have earned LEED Platinum, the highest of the U.S. Green Building Council’s four ratings for hotels.  Three of those hotels will be represented here. What makes them so uniquely efficient and special?  The implementation of renewable energy technologies helps but it is a relentless attention to cool design and smart operations that makes these outstanding green hotels.

Developed by Green Lodging News and NEWH as part of its Green Voice Conversations series.


Monday, November 10, 2014


10:00 AM to 11:15 AM: Keynote Session: Protecting Your Property From Data Breaches


•             Mike Dickersbach, vice president of information technology, Thayer Lodging Group


•             Gary Kibel, attorney, Davis & Gilbert LLP

•             Tracy Pulito, vice president, deputy chief privacy officer, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.


When it comes to hoteliers protecting sensitive data, you need more than just a secure computer system; you need policies and procedures in place for dealing with sensitive digital and hard copy information left by visitors in common areas and guest rooms.  Join us for a timely and informative session that will update you on the latest enforcement activities on the state and federal level, and how you can work with qualified security experts to develop and implement best practices and an incident response plan.

Developed by AH&LA Government Affairs


11:45 AM to 1:00 PM: WIL Keynote Session: The Future of the Industry is Now: Netgen Lodging


  • Omari Head, corporate strategic relationships manager, hospitality & tourism, American Public University System


  • Karen DiFulgo, vice president, human resources, Benchmark Hospitality
  • Leslie Pchola, area vice president operations, Southeast, Hilton Worldwide
  • Yvette Thomas-Henry, hotel manager, Four Seasons New York


“Gen Y” professionals are transforming our industry like never before.  In this session designed just for them, senior lodging professionals will take on the topics of interest to millennials – nurturing the corporate culture, challenging you to professional and personal growth opportunities, and offering programs to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit.  Lodging is not a “one size fits all industry;” learn how fresh ideas and a spirit to excel can help you shape your future!

Developed by AH&LA’s Women in Lodging Executive Committee


1:00 PM to 2:15 PM: WIL Luncheon: Back on My Feet: Changing Lives One, Mile, Job, and House at a Time


  • Mary Fitzgerald, CEO, Back on My Feet


Come be inspired by Mary Fitzgerald, the new CEO of Back on My Feet.  Launched in 2007 in Philadelphia, BoMF uses running to help those experiencing homelessness change the way they see themselves so they can make real change in their lives that results in employment and independent living.  The BoMF story is about overcoming adversity and finding more purpose and passion in your life. It’s about self-worth, self-value, self-confidence and self-esteem.  You’ll be inspired with stories of turning struggle and hardship into opportunity and hope. 

Developed by Women in Lodging Executive Committee


1:30 PM to 2:45 PM: Concurrent Sessions

1.            Networking 2.0 - How to Build Relationships to Build Your Future


  • Omari Head, corporate strategic relationships manager, hospitality & tourism, American Public University System


  • David Attari, vice president, B. F. Saul Company Hospitality Group
  • Amanda Hite, president, STR
  • Ashli Johnson, chief experience officer, Urbane Hospitality


Need help building professional relationships?  Come listen to our panelists discuss the importance of proper networking and how it has effected them.  Also put your new networking insights into action at the Under 30 Gateway's "Not Your Boss's Party."

Developed by AH&LA’s Under 30 Gateway Committee


2.            Global Approaches to Diversity + Inclusion in Hospitality as a Business Enabler

•             Gray Shealy, executive director, Masters of Hospitality Management Program, School of Continuing Studies, Georgetown University


•             Dr. Christopher Metzler, senior associate dean, School of Continuing Studies, Georgetown University, Washington DC

•             Nilka Thomas, head of diversity and talent inclusion, Google

•             Randall Tucker, associate director, diversity, Starwood Hotels and Resorts


Diversity is an assumed ethical good in the modern world, but beyond societal implications, is achieving a diverse management and leadership team a benefit to the business as a whole? This panel will explore how Diversity + Inclusion strategies add value to the guest and ultimately impact the bottom line. Given the international nature of the hospitality industry, experts will discuss the meaning of “diversity” in different parts of the world and how companies with a global spectrum are regionalizing their approach.

Developed by AH&LA’s Human Resources Committee & Georgetown University, School of Continuing Studies


3.            The Evolution of Hotel Dining: Past, Present, and Future


  • Peter Karpinski, co-founder & COO of Sage Restaurant Group

In the years following the recession, travelers, both business and leisure, have increasingly gravitated toward more casual, “live like a local” experiences, and away from formal and elitist environments.  It is important for hotel executives to consider how this trend can be applied to their on-site food and beverage concepts.  This seminar will explore how hotel dining has evolved over the past decade, and the movement more toward comfortable, come-as-you-are environments that don’t trade down on quality and overall sophistication.  How this trend will continue to shape hotel dining in the years to come will also be discussed.  When done correctly, hotel dining that delivers exceptional and authentic experiences to visiting guests and locals alike can be a huge boon to hotel businesses.


4.            The Power of Green Certification—Updates from Lodging’s Leading Certifiers


  • Glenn Hasek, publisher & editor, Green Lodging News


  • Steve Ball, director of business development, Green Key Global
  • Evadne Giannini, principal, HospitalityGreen
  • Katie Hopkins, associate director of outreach & communications, Audubon International
  • Arthur B. Weissman, Ph.D., president & CEO, Green Seal


If there has been one constant during the explosion of interest in green lodging over the last decade, it is the interest in green certification.  While some programs have flourished, others have failed to find their sweet spot.  In this session, four certification programs will be represented. What makes each program unique?  What are each one’s strengths?  How is each adapting to an industry that is becoming savvier about sustainability?

Developed by Green Lodging News


3:15 PM to 4:30 PM: Concurrent Sessions            

1.            Guest technology expectations?


  • Mike Uwe Dickersbach, vice president, information technology, Thayer Lodging, Brookfield Hotel Properties


  • Simon Eng, vice president, information technology, CTF Development, Inc.
  • Jeff Parker, vice president of technology, Stout Street Hospitality
  • Darrin Pinkham, chief technology officer, Highgate Hotels, Inc.
  • Naomi L. Stark, president & CEO, Stark Service Solutions, LLC


Hear where leading industry IT professionals see the future of guests and technology in this interactive session.  Experts share their thoughts on where dollars are being spent to enhance the guest experience.  Then participate in an open forum with AH&LA technology committee members to discuss your needs and how to better help AH&LA members, on all topics from PCI compliance to Internet. 

Developed by AH&LA’s Technology & E-Business Committee


2.            Getting Your Share of the $100+ Billion Spent by Chinese Traveling Abroad


  • Evan Saunders, CEO, Attract China


How would you like to do business with the largest group of travelers to move through any society in the history of the world?  This group spent $102 billion on international tourism in 2012.  This session will review real-life practices hotels, restaurants, and hospitality professionals are utilizing successfully — and sometimes not so successfully — to engage and drive business from independent Chinese travelers.  Learn the most cost-effective ways to reach and attract the group that spends and travels like no other: the Chinese.


3.            Waste Management Champions Making a Difference


  • Glenn Hasek, Publisher & Editor, Green Lodging News


  • Walker Lunn, CEO, Grid Waste
  • Shawn Seipler, founder & CEO, Clean the World
  • Sam Stephens, executive director, Global Soap Project
  • Jessica Stracener, president, Global Sustainability Solutions

Few organizations are doing more to reduce the volume of waste to landfill while improving the lives of thousands.  What are their stories? Their challenges?  How can they help your organization?  Whether excess soap, shampoo, mattresses, electronics, food waste or more, these speakers will tell you how to reduce your waste stream while simultaneously reducing costs.

Developed by Green Lodging News

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