8 kitchen design features that professionals always recommend

Designing your dream kitchen can be very overwhelming. In addition to choosing the perfect floors, cabinets and countertops, you also need to consider what other design elements to incorporate. Building lists of wants and needs can be a daunting task if you don’t know what high-end features are available to you. If you’re unsure how best to spend your design budget, consider these eight premium kitchen design features recommended by professional designers.

Built-in refrigerator

Nothing screams as high quality and high quality as a kitchen with hidden appliances? and that includes a built-in refrigerator! The refrigerator is one of the largest and most widely used appliances in your kitchen. It contains the ingredients for your homemade meals that you enjoy at the table with your family, as well as the midnight snacks you may crave. Instead of having a large stainless steel refrigerator that becomes the focal point of your kitchen, install a built-in refrigerator that blends seamlessly with your kitchen cabinets. Regardless of the color or style of cabinets you choose, you can cover your refrigerator doors to create a nice, cohesive aesthetic.

Pro-style range

Light blue professional pro style range with gold accents.

After spending countless hours browsing Pinterest for design ideas, you’ve probably seen a common trait in all of the inspiration photos? a Pro-Style range! If you are looking for an eye-catcher that will leave your guests speechless, you need a cooking range that is not only practical but also beautiful. Regardless of whether you are a fan of classic stainless steel, want a little more flair with golden buttons or want to go outside the box with a colorful range, there is something for every kitchen aesthetic. In addition to the luxurious appearance, you can opt for additional features such as a grill or griddle to take your cooking to the next level.

Statement lighting

Blue kitchen with statement gold lighting fixtures and subway tile backsplash.

Lighting can drastically change the mood and atmosphere of any room, which is why it’s incredibly important to incorporate the perfect statement lighting for your space. One of the easiest ways to create a high-end look in your kitchen is to opt for lights above your island that hold the space together, offer plenty of light and make a bold statement. In addition to decorative lights, you can also incorporate work lighting or under-cabinet lighting, which is great when you need more visibility in the kitchen at night.

Loading drawer

White kitchen cabinets with internal loading sockets.

After spending countless hours designing and customizing your dream kitchen, the last thing you want is to clutter your kitchen counters with electronics and cables. However, in today’s modern world, you need a place in your kitchen to charge these devices. Fortunately, is there a simple solution that gives you the best of both worlds? a loading drawer! Instead of putting your electronics on the counter to charge, you can charge them from a kitchen drawer. This also reduces the chances of them coming into contact with moisture or spills that could cause damage!

Pot filler

Kitchen with dark cabinets, white backsplash and golden pot filler.

One of the most popular design elements for a luxury kitchen is a pot filler, and for good reason! Have you ever looked at a stove and wondered why there was a faucet on the wall above the stove? This chic faucet is used to fill large pots with water so you don’t have to carry the heavy pot back and forth between the sink and stove. While these serve an essential function for your daily cooking, a pot filler is also an easy way to add a high quality visual appeal. Regardless of the color scheme or aesthetics of your kitchen, there is a pot filler to match your desired look.

Hidden trash

Modern white kitchen with hidden bins and spice drawer.

Nobody wants an eyesore in their kitchen, especially after the hours and money spent making it a beautiful space. That leaves us to consider a very important question. Where are your trash cans and recycling bins located? Instead of placing your trash can next to your kitchen cabinets, install it in a hidden, pull-out cabinet drawer! Whether you place it on your island or next to the sink, you have easy access to the trash without your trash ruining the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Kitchen stall

Cabinet for small kitchen appliances.

When it comes to your kitchen appliances, you probably think of the refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven first. However, you also need to consider small kitchen appliances like a toaster, blender, food processor, blender, and other appliances. Instead of using up precious square feet in your pantry, consider installing a kitchen cabinet specifically designed to hide your appliances from sight. You can pull them out as needed for a clean, seamless look. Storing your small kitchen gadgets will make it a lot easier to keep your counters tidy and looking their best.

Walk-in pantry

Walk-in pantry with plenty of storage space and counter space.

In the kitchen you can prepare family meals and afternoon snacks for your children. While a lot of your groceries are kept in the refrigerator, you also have snacks and dried items that need to be stored elsewhere. Instead of using up valuable storage space in your kitchen cabinets, design a walk-in pantry with built-in drawers and shelves that allow you to organize your items and make them visible and easily accessible. If you don’t have the space to add a kitchen cabinet to your standard cabinets, you can create an area in your pantry for small kitchen appliances to keep them out of sight until you need them.

frequently asked Questions

How high should a pot filler be installed?

A pot filler should be placed on the wall just behind your stove. While the best height will depend on your exact range, a typical pot filler should be installed between 12 and 18 inches from the top of the range to allow access to the largest burner.

Can you use any refrigerator for a built-in?

No, if you plan to install a built-in refrigerator that will blend in with your existing cabinets, you will need to purchase a specific refrigerator instead of a freestanding option. While you have a more limited choice, you can choose between the size and design of the refrigerator.

What sizes of Pro-Style ranges are available?

If you are considering installing a professional style range in your kitchen, you have several sizes to choose from. Depending on the number of square meters in your kitchen, you can opt for a professional range in standard widths of 30, 36, 48 and 60 inches. If your kitchen has more space available, you can choose a larger width that includes a second oven or griddle.

How big should a walk-in pantry be?

For a walk-in pantry, you should have a minimum aisle width of 44 inches to allow for adequate space. If you have less space, consider installing a walk-in pantry with shelves on one side of the pantry that is at least 60 inches long. If more space is available, install a walk-in pantry that is at least 76 inches tall with storage on either side of the aisle.

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