9 creative ways to incorporate a television into the design of your room

Typically, televisions draw all of the attention in a room. In 4 out of 5 cases a visitor ends up on the television as soon as they enter your living area. This could be because the device is in a prominent place or because most people don’t think about decorating the area around the TV. It also means that the rest of the home furnishings don’t really blend into the area where you placed your TV. So let’s help you plan your interior with 10 creative and modern ways to incorporate the TV screen.

1. Use multipurpose furniture

Modern and highly functional multipurpose furniture is indispensable for every modern home these days. By creatively adding multipurpose furniture, you can make your space feel more breathable and lighter. There are several techniques you can use here – if you like the look of a custom-made TV, make sure it serves more than one purpose and saves space.

2. Add a special element to the room

Adding a unique element will give your space its own personality. It can be a small object like an elegant rustic chair or a large element like an indoor fountain. You can choose by adding something really special and adding a surprise element. These little details, together with the television, blend in well with your room.

3. Place it near the fireplace

Who doesn’t love to spend their evenings near the warmth of the fire? Plan your fireplace decor by placing the TV on the mantelpiece. It will immediately grab the attention of those escaping the cold evenings and allow you to enjoy your favorite series in comfort.

4. Use acrylic sheets or wood

Acrylic walls in monotones can change the overall appearance of the room. Adding it as a background behind your TV not only enhances the shape and color of the TV but also attracts the viewer’s attention. This is a pretty flamboyant design choice if that’s what you are after. Make sure you add some decorative elements to make your room look more nuanced. If you want to put a wooden cabinet or bookcase next to your TV, choose muted colors or neutral tones.

5. Art Deco for inspiration

Art Deco stands for bold design that combines different shapes and geometric patterns, metals in chrome, rich colors, detailed subtleties and the beauty of the 20th century. You can decorate your entire living room to reflect the Art Deco style, or add an accent or two to create a specific corner near the TV. Try choosing some armchairs in angular shapes or a rug with a bold color / print. You can add some great frames with early Hollywood references and celebrity parties – to perfectly capture the era.

6. Inspiration for the theater space

If you’ve always wanted the look and feel of a home theater then this is your chance. Adding a modern TV with an exceptional home theater system can result in a great movie theater experience. If you have a TV mounted on the wall that can move in all directions, the experience can be even better.

7. Mix it up with matching frames

If you’re a fan of different types of wall art, try framing your TV and mounting it on the wall. This will allow your television to blend in with the framed artwork on the wall. Your room will look more natural than before and it will also showcase your collection of works of art.

8. Use curtains

If your room already has decor that compliments each other, you can get matching drapes near your TV. Full length curtains around your TV add a more sophisticated look to your room. You can also close the curtains when you are not using your TV.

9. How not to get glare

Nobody wants to see unwanted glare on their TV screen while watching their favorite TV show. The first thing you can do to get rid of them is to make sure that all light sources are behind the TV. This is to avoid reflection from windows and external light sources. You can also try using blinds or shades on windows to protect your TV from glare.

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