Start a small kitchen garden

Proper timing allows your plants to grow in the most favorable conditions, thereby maximizing productivity.

To increase your seed germination rate, you need to take care of your zone. Different areas fall under different climates, which means that the seasons change quickly and abruptly. So knowing where you live can help you understand which plants are best for the region and when to sow.

If you’re having trouble getting this information, a planting calendar is an important tool. You can buy or download a physical one. They offer insights into the best planting times, pests and diseases, all-round vegetable garden plants and seasonal gardening. Basically, a planting calendar is a partner and helper that you need.

The tools

In general, gardening does not require a wide variety of farming tools. Minimalism is a great way to reduce the labor involved in preparation and maintenance. Basic kitchen garden tools include a seedling bowl, garden trowel, watering can, and planters.

First, determine how much space you want to work with, be it your garden or the balcony. This means that you will get your pots, containers, and planters in place when you work indoors. When choosing these tools, pay attention to their drainability, porosity, and weight.

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