Top trends in kitchen and bathroom design for 2021

If 2021 is your year to start your kitchen and bathroom remodeling plans, take some inspiration from this year’s top design trends. Kitchen and bathroom design is an investment in your living space, so you want to be sure that the style you choose will match your lifestyle, personality and style needs for years to come.

Many elements of kitchen and bathroom design remain the same and styles can only change very slowly. This makes sense because the basic purpose of the kitchen stays the same and most people don’t change their kitchen style from year to year. Typically, when remodeling a kitchen, you should allow for a lifespan of around 20 years, although this can vary depending on your lifestyle and the frequency of your kitchen design over its lifetime.

If the design trends in the kitchen and bathroom do not differ much from year to year, is it still worth checking the annual design trends? While the basic principles remain the same, advances in technology, materials, and lifestyles, as well as shifts in popular color schemes, are influencing some changes in kitchen and bathroom design trends.

What’s up in 2021? This year, a renewed appreciation for the home living space, working from home, storage and hygiene influenced the latest innovations for these key spaces at the heart of home life. Here are 10 top kitchen and bathroom design trends to inspire your remodeling plans this year.

1. Keep it simple and easy to clean.

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